Jim Creston

Oct 5

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Oct 5



You followed me during the night
suspended at 10 o’clock,
and I know I’m not worthy,
you watched me,
sitting low,
and always one step in front
as I thought of twisted metal wrapped around my head
like Spirograph,
you left your eyes at the bar.

One song, this one song,
I played over…

Poem: This Week's Spread


With a salary of $14 million
I would not stripe the legs of a child
to where they swell and bleed,
nor fill his 4 year old
full of leaves.

For $1,166,666 a month
I would take each month
one day at a time,
and tell myself not to spit at
or bash a woman when she
just wants to…

Should America bomb Republican Governors who are murdering their constituents by denying them Health Care?


Adrian Peterson to sponsor ~Running For Kids~ charity Saturday morning Downtown Minneapolis. Please bring your favorite switch, salt, and proof of previous face slap to registration. All funds will go to Running For Kids. We chase down God’s children and never spare the rod.

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If money is free speech, why can I not donate money to Hamas?


I was in Target tonight and yelled to my friend in electronics, “Hey Adrian!”, and kids hit the floor.

They complain about liberal cities until they need a good doctor or a titty bar.

Who would not want to vote for an agenda of protecting Insurance Companies from sick children? -Bill Maher


Ever noticed the worse Metallica’s music got, the more they cried about Piracy?


In a move to show his support for Americans and soften his image George Zimmerman has joined the Ferguson Police Academy.

After September Eleven


Today I saw the
sweetest of things.
On the outside school wall
hung against brick
was approximately fifteen feet long
and 6 feet wide,
and on it
was our American Flag.

Its blue stars made of
little prints from school children’s
painted hands.
Her red stripes
again pressed from
proud painted hands.

The little peacocks
all free,
must had been wearing large snaggled
and innocent smiles
as they were pressing for the world,
We Love The USA.

©Jim Creston


Republicans demand President Obama fight the war with ISIS as the Republicans have fought the war on Poverty.

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